BMW E36 328i

the drifter

Replacing the exhaust and making it sound shweet!

After driving the 328i E36 for about 6 months now, I was bored of the quiet stock exhaust, so I decided to go on the hunt for a good sounding catback. A subscriber called Jason hit me up with one he had lying around no longer in use and sent it to me for free. Legend. We get it fitted up along with a new front splitter and some front end bits. Stoked.

Reasons/results from doing it

Fixing the E36 interior

I put off doing the headliner job ever since I got the car, just cause I knew how much of a pain it was gunna be. I had a free day and nothing to do so figured I'd get started on making the interior nice and fresh! The factory 328i interior is black, so decided to just go ham with the black spray paint. Also got a Nardi classic to replace the bulky BMW wheel!

E36 gets a big wing

Ever since I got the 328, I've had my eye on the LTW wing from day one. Since I'm going for the OEM+ route, this spoiler is perfect for it as it came on the LTW M3's from factory... so it definitely looks right and period correct.Stoked I managed to get it painted too, thanks to Dan at Motor-werx Garage for sorting that out... I think it turned out unreal.Oh also got some E36 M3 mirrors too and got them painted and on the car.The E36 is coming together pretty nicely I reckon, and in terms of exterior aesthetics, I'm close to finishing the car.Enjoy

Brief explanation of the video and the content within. Maybe give Dan a shout out with a button link to his website below for the painting etc.

Welded diff

So after realising the only time I drive this car is when I wanna get a little back end skid going, and with the LSD that was already fitted to the car not giving me exactly what I wanted (it would open up sometimes and make it quite unpredictable), I went about sourcing a dirt cheap welded medium case diff for my 328i and fitting it so I could skid a bit easier and get more control whilst drifting. The diff we fitted is a 2.93 ratio medium case differential out of a factory 328i, so it was a straight bolt in. Happy days. Probably a really dumb idea but hey ho, that's what life is about.


New wheels

Ever since I've been obsessing over E36's, my favourite wheel on them has been the Rondell 0058's. I was originally going to wait before I changed up the wheels, as I liked the BBS that came on it, but when this mint set showed up on eBay I couldn't say no.With a little bit of arch work and some stretched tyres, these went on pretty easy with minimal rub. I reckon it fully enhances the OEM+ look that I'm going for with this build! Stoked.

Driving some mad roads in wales

We thought it would be nice to get out the unit for a change and head to Elan Valley in Wales, where there are some insane roads for driving and amazing scenery. We headed out with the 328i BMW E36 and Andy's Volvo 240 with Andy, Stu, Al and myself to see what we could find.


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Getting started

I've always preferred the more aggressive look of the pre-facelift E36's, so I got hold of some old style kidney grills and the prefacelift nosecone and got to work getting it all together. I also sourced an american spec M-sport number plate delete panel and got rid of the gross UK one. Stoked on how it turned out! It completely changed the look of the car. First of many mods to come on this 328i E36.

How it all started

My new car! An E36 BMW 328i Msport in Boston Green. Stoked!

I've been slowly developing a BMW itch over the past few years and I've finally pressed send. For a while I didn't know whether I wanted a cheap beater that I could learn to skid with, or go for a top spec, super clean 328i (couldn't justify an M3) and make it into a nice OEM+ road car. When this car came up for sale from Adam Ivell (6two1), I just had to buy it. The specs were exactly what I was after and I haven't looked back. Hope you guys enjoy the content that's going to come from this car.