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Daily series part 4

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Budget daily part 3

This was inevitable right? We got some budget £230 quid ebay coilovers... I think they're FK streets or something haha... some Audi A3 s-line wheels and we close that dirty arch gap to make it look kind of cool? Well it's getting there anyway. I'm genuinely starting to like this 2.0tdi Passat.

Audi Wheels?

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Budget daily part 2

Getting to work straight away. The B6 Passat estate had a few issues that were making it super annoying to drive, so this episode we fix all of those to make sure we've got a good base car to start messing with.

Budget daily part 1

So after crashing my B7 passat, I was after a new daily. I decided that the reason I love daily's is because they're so cheap that I don't really care about them. So... I found a really cheap B6 Volkswagen Passat 2.0tdi highline which has a few issues and needs some love, so that's what this series is gunna be about. Sorting out the issues, making it look good, and turning it into the perfect daily... all for under £2500.

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