About us

We are BQR, otherwise know as Boqer123

A streetwear clothing brand from the UK focused on giving you the highest quality apparel and accessories

I'm going to keep this short, as I know a lot of you won't want to read a 20 page essay on the history of this company. I will write one of those soon for those actually interested, but for now here's a brief rundown of how we got started and what we're about.

We've been working on clothing since April 2012. We originally started like the majority of others; printing our logo that we designed late one night at university onto T-shirt 'blanks'. For people who don't know, blanks are plain t-shirts made by a 3rd party company with nothing printed on them, available for other small start-ups to add their own print. This is how most clothing companies begin, and continue to produce products.

However, we weren't satisfied. We were putting our name out there on something that wasn't actually ours. This is where we decided to step things up so that we could develop our own brand that would stand on its own. 

It is worth noting at this point that one of the big drivers for me was that almost every piece of clothing I bought, or owned, whether it is big brands, generic brands or small clothing companies, I always found annoyances with. Something that I could say "I think I could do this better"; and so I did.

We spent months of time, lots of money and an incredible amount of hard work to start sourcing, visualising and producing our own clothes. What I mean by that is that everything is completely customised. We find materials we like, we specify the purpose, shape, length and width of the garment, and then have them cut and sewn to our exact specification. It takes many months to get it from idea to the finished product …and to get the price right too. 

This is what I like to do. I wanted to create a brand, rather than just my logo printed on somebody else’s t-shirt. This process really excited me. 

We've been developing custom clothes and accessories for just over 3 years now, and every product gets better as we learn and grow as a business. 

I am a firm believer and critic of quality. If your products are good quality, then you have nothing to worry about. We pride ourselves on this, and if you see any of the feedback we've ever received or you've bought clothes in the past, you will know this. It is an uncompromising commitment, and I feel it is one of the reasons we have made it this far.

We try our absolute hardest to give you the best clothing experience possible. I use the bad experiences with clothes in the past to fuel the desire to produce only the best looking, quality and fitted products to make you feel good in our clothes. We believe you as customers deserve this.

We are a unique business in that we are built upon our followers with whom our relationship is very important. 

BQR has it's own personality and we aim to keep it that way.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site <3

Thanks - Josh