About us

We are BQR.

A clothing brand from the UK focused on making high quality apparel and accessories.

We've been working on clothing since April 2012. We originally started like the majority of others; printing our logo onto T-shirt 'blanks'. Blanks are plain t-shirts made by a 3rd party company with nothing printed on them, available for other companies to buy and add their own print. This is how most clothing companies begin, and how a lot of them continue on.

After a few years, we weren't satisfied. We were putting our name on something that wasn't actually ours. This is where we decided to step things up and develop a brand that would stand on its own. 

"One of the big drivers for me was that almost every piece of clothing I bought, whether it's big brands, generic brands or small companies, I always found annoyances with some way or another. I wanted the control over our products that could let me fix these."

We spent months of time, lots of money and an incredible amount of hard work to start sourcing, visualising and producing our own clothes. Everything is completely customised. We find materials we like, we specify the purpose, shape, sizing of the garment, and then have them cut and sewn to our exact specification. We source all the details like tags, zip pullers and drawstring end caps. It takes months to get it from idea to the finished product.

This is what we like to do. We wanted to create a high quality brand, rather than just our logo printed on some other company's product. 

We've been developing custom clothes and accessories for years now, and every product gets better as we learn more and more.

We hope you enjoy having a look at our product range.


A huge part of our business has also been our YouTube channel. This is how we first gained any sort of traction, and it also gave us the platform to create an awesome fanbase of loyal customers.

We started off as a BMX channel, but as we've gotten older we've slowly focused on modified cars more and more. You can check it out here.