Free Stuff

When you place an order with BQR, whether it be clothing, accessories or just about anything, we will always send you something for free. Just as a little thank you for supporting our brand. 

The simple version is; the more you spend, the more you get for free.

Read below to find out exactly what you'll get when you buy from us.

Level 1: Free BQR Sticker with every order

With every order, you'll receive a BQR sticker. No matter what you order, no matter what you spend, this always applies.

BQR sticker selection

These are custom made, die-cut stickers using longlife vinyl. If applied correctly they can last for years. 


Level 2: Free Luxe Lanyard over £40

If you spend £40 or more*, then you'll receive a free Lanyard.

We have multiple colours available, so we normally throw one in at random. You can leave a note on the shopping cart page to request a specific colour!
Click here for more information about these lanyards.


    It's probably worth saying that once you reach the next level of freebies, this does not replace the previous level. So you'll get a lanyard and a sticker when you spend £40. This applies for all levels.

    *Shipping costs do not contribute towards this amount. You have to spend £40 on products. 


     Level 3: Free BQR socks over £100

    When you spend £100 or more, you'll get a sticker, air freshener, AND a free pair of socks. 


    You don't have to add anything to your cart, we'll just throw all the freebie in with your parcel.


     If you have any questions regarding any of the above, feel free to contact us via our contact form or email.

    Happy shopping!